Development & Experience

Character Development

There will be a set number of experience points (XP) that each player and each crew member will be awarded for attending an event.  In addition to this XP there may be other points awards for cunning planning, outstanding bravery, exceptional roleplay and depth of character portrayal at an event. The link below will show you a list of all previous events and associated XP.

Experience points can be used as CP to increase skills and abilities. Skills can be developed as long as the character already has the skill and is simply improving it. Learning a new skill requires the assistance of a tutor and, of course, a good bit of roleplay.

Other sections of the character creation rules can be bought using experience points but they require approval from the Ref team and a valid explanation in game as to why a character has developed their new skill or advantage.

Disadvantages can also be ‘bought off’ with XP on a one for one basis. Speak to the Ref team about this before any points are spent.

Disadvantages acquired during play do not credit a character with points to spend. Advantages gained during play must be paid for to become permanent, though a discount of up to 30% may be levied by the Ref team on a case-by-case basis for roleplay and/or uptime work towards progression.

Each player will receive an extra 10 XP award after their first event. This is a one-time bonus to allow for those little changes they might want to make to their character after their first event. It will not be given after every new character, it cannot be saved and used at a later date and it cannot be transferred to other characters.

Any character development or changes to a character will require the submission of a new character sheet to the Ref team.