what is downtime?

Interactions between characters and the game world that occur outside of uptime events are known as Downtime. Actions and intentions between events can add to the depth of both the game world and the characters within it.

A Downtime Submission form will be sent to all Players in the weeks following an event. The form will collect information about the character’s interactions, discoveries and their high & low points during the event. It is also designed to give Players a chance to describe what their character would like to achieve before the next event.

This gives the Ref team a good opportunity to build on each Player’s actions in Up and Down time and allows the Refs to generate meaningful and relevant Player briefs, tailored to each individual Player. Your submission can be as brief or as detailed as you like.

Although the Downtime Submission form will be the main way of conducting downtime, you may wish to send supporting documentation, maps or artwork to our email address:

[email protected]

Background info and flavour text: Some people like to share snippets of what their character is doing by posting on our Facebook page. This can be a good opportunity to flesh out or provide background information to your character.

Conversations between characters: Characters may want to chat to each other between events to build relationships and share information. This could be done by any messaging platform but it would be rare for any official storytelling to be done this way.

During any and all Downtime instances, everyone is expected to act in a manner befitting our Code of Conduct.

The email for Downtime submissions is [email protected]