keeping the community safe

These documents have been created in order to ensure that all Blood Red Roses environments, physical and virtual, are safe for everyone to enjoy. Please take the time to read them as we are all responsbile for making Blood Red Roses the best it can be!

BRR – Code of Conduct

The purpose of this document is to provide all members of the Blood Red Roses community with clear expectations and guidance as to how they are expected to conduct themselves at any of our events or in any other Blood Red Roses physical or virtual spaces or environments.

BRR – Equality and Diversity Policy

Blood Red Roses is committed to being an inclusive and diverse Live Action Role Playing system and will not tolerate any form of discrimination at any of its events or in any of its online spaces.

BRR – Anti-Harassment & Anti-Bullying Policy

Blood Red Roses is committed to maintaining environments that are free from harassment and bullying to ensure that all members are treated, and treat others, with dignity and respect.

BRR – Privacy Policy

You have the right to know what Blood Red Roses does with your personal information.

LARP events are strange beasts, like festivals and many other similar events, many of us allow our normal standards to slip, sometimes a little, sometimes more considerably, when we come to events.
Whilst by the time our events are happening again, the country will be entirely out of lockdown that doesn’t mean that we won’t want to consider our behaviour as a group, and how we approach our hygiene around each other during the course of a weekend event.
Essentially make sure you are clean, and have the capability to clean yourself during the course of an event. Remember as a community we have a responsibility to each other, especially in a post-lockdown world, to make sure that we are not endangering others so please take this as a request for you all to take personal responsibility for your hygiene at upcoming Blood Red Roses events.
If you find that you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, please make the responsible choice to not attend, and if you are not sure rapid home testing is available for free from the government. I would encourage you all to order a pack and take a test in the days prior to the event (and heaven forbid it comes back positive, speak to the refs immediately).
Tests can be found for free here: 
If you attend the event and are showing symptoms, or develop symptoms during an event you must inform the ref team immediately. We will assess and may require a rapid test be taken (we will have a supply on hand) and a negative result for continued presence at an event.
By extension of this, mask-wearing for others safety is now a part of our culture, like it or not. Given this, if you wish to wear a mask or other face-covering at the event please do, but make sure it is character or period appropriate.
At events we will be ensuring there is a significant supply of cleaning wipes and hand cleaning material available at all times, both in in-character and out of character spaces – our in-character supplies will be suitably obfuscated into the set dressing by our normal artifice. We encourage you to use them as much as possible, especially after handling someone else kit or equipment.
On the note of kit and equipment, we would expect for you all to bring your own eating and drinking vessels as well as cutlery. Whilst as ever we have a supply of items what we dont want is people sharing and spreading disease and the easiest way to prevent that is to make sure you all have your own, these supplies must only be used for emergencies and presentation of food in controlled circumstances.
Please contact the Ref team or the community vis the Facebook page for ideas about where to buy these items.
To conclude, we want to have the safest event we can that doesn’t compromise the game we know and love and at the heart of it, that is something we should all take responsibility for.

Weapons Criteria & Safety Standards

This document is intended to be a guide to the basic construction of safe Live Roleplaying weapons, and an explanation of what the Ref team will be looking for when examining your weapons prior to an event. Every weapon must be submitted to the Ref team for inspection prior to the start of every event for safety checks and will be checked solely on its own merits and flaws in its given state when submitted.