what things cost

how far does your money go in Algundy?

Here is a rough (and we mean rough) guide to the approximate values placed on items in Algundy. These estimates will guide some of your roleplay but they may also be influenced by factors in the game. A bad harvest will mean that prices of food and livestock rise or if the town you are in only has one Armourer they may charge much higher prices for having the market to themselves. Anyway, we hope that it’s useful.

Some of the inspiration and guidance for some of these costings comes from the wonderful book ‘Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England’ by Ian Mortimer – a book well worth reading!

Just a reminder – the currency in the table is in p – copper pennies, s – silver sovereigns, & C – gold crowns

Basic Food and Light Ale for a Day 1p Very basic sustenance without cheese or meat.
Decent Food for the Day 3p Food to give a full stomach with meat and cheese
Bottle of Wine 2-6p The very poorest of wines would be 2p per bottle, an average bottle might fetch 4-6p, and as you might expect, fancy wines can cost a small fortune
Candles 2 ½p for a pound Simple Tallow (animal fat) Candles
A Live Pig 3s Livestock is of incredible value, often many days / weeks worth of wages for some
A Live Chicken 5p Chickens are easier to rear and to come by
A Live Cow 8s Again, very valuable livestock for its various products.
A Horse 2C Whether a strong cart horse or a war horse, these beasts are expensive. Consider too the cost of feeding it and hiring someone to tend to it and all the equipment that it will need
Private Room at an Inn 10p approx. This price will depend on whether the Tavern owner likes the look of your face and whether you have anything to offer them in return for giving you a room for the night, other than coin
A Peasant Blade 6p A simple, rustic blade. More substantial than an eating knife but less so that a fancy sword
A Simple Sword 2s A sturdy, well made blade. An all rounder for combat, typically a simple arming sword or falcion with a leather-bound handle. Prices can vary due to the quality of steel
Good Scabbard and Belt 1s Sturdy, well made, leather scabbard with wooden core and heavy duty cast belt buckles
Bound Shield 18s Sturdy, heavy duty construction with metal binding and rivets
A Fine Knight's Sword Upwards of 4C Obviously the finer the steel the higher the price, also the more skilled the blacksmith and the more ornate the finishing touches, the higher the price. Some blades are astronomical prices
A Full Harness of Plate Armour Starting at 20C Any fluctuations in price here are defined by the skill of the armourer and the embellishments to the armour. Metal armour is not something that just anyone can purchase
2 Hawks and a Falcon 10C Because who doesn’t need 2 Hawks and a Falcon?